Sustain missing

Years ago I recorded a lot of piano in Cubase 5. I just bought Cubase 12 artist. Now when I open the midi files the sustain is missing. The data doesn’t show in the key editor. Any ideas about how to find it again?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Click the Controller Lane Setup arrow at the bottom of the screen and choose Show Velocity Lane Only. Then click to the Velocity field and choose CC 64 (Sustain) option. Now, you should see MIDI CC64 data.

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately there isn’t any sustain data neither to hear nor to see.
Regards Jakob


Do you import MIDI file or do you open CPR file, please?

Sorry for the delay.

I open the cpr files…

Regards Jakob

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Can you confirm and retest in Cubase 5 again at this moment, please?