Sustain on one midi note only

Hi everyone,

I started a trial of Cubase Elements 11 last week but immediately noticed a problem with my Nektar Impact LX49+ keyboard. One note, C-2, and only this note, remains on and sustained regardless of how I play it. This is the same even if I press the octave up/down - in other words, C-2 always sustains even as it moves up and down the keyboard. I’ve checked the keyboard against another DAW and a piano on my iPad and this doesn’t happen.
Is Cubase adding sustain to this MIDI note for some reason?
Any suggestions gratefully received bearing in mind I’m new to this platform. I have just purchased Artist 11 (waiting for USB dongle) so it’ll be nice to resolve this.
Many thanks.


No, Cubase doesn’t add Sustain to this MIDI Note by itself.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hi Martin,
Great to hear from you.
I’ve started up in safe mode and it now works fine. No unwanted sustain. :grinning:


Then I would recommend to delete the preferences. Obviously something became corrupted in the preferences.

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Thank you. I appreciate your help.

Deleting preferences worked by the way. I’m a happy man :grinning: