Sustain pedal als kick drum Cubase elements 9.5

I’m new to Cubase, and now trying to record drums in groove agent by playing on my keyboard.
I saw a video on youtube in which somebody mapped the sustain pedal of his keyboard to the kickdrum. He showed he did this by using the Midi Insert Transformer. But I can’t find this in my version of Cubase, Elements 9.5
Does anybody know if this Midi Insert Transformer is available in 9.5 elements, and where to find it?
Or if not, how to still use a sustain pedal as kick drum?

Thank you!


MIDI Input Transformer is Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro only. See Cubase editions comparison chart, please.

OK, thanks for your reply!
Is there any other way to tell Cubase the sustain pedeal should play the kick drum sound?


In Cubase Elements, there is no other way how to change the MIDI message to other one.

OK, thank you!
Than I will keep using my fingers for the bass drum.