Sustain pedal and modulation wheel do not work - Komplete s88 Mk3

Hello everyone,
I installed Cubase 13 pro and I have the Calvuier Native Iintrument Komplete s88 MK3. The sustrain pedal and the modulation wheels pedal do not work. Can you help me resolve the problem?
Thank you

Hello Jean-Benoit and welcome to the forums!

Could you please try and add the MIDI Insert plugin “MIDI Monitor” to your MIDI or Instrument Track and let us know what you see when using your sustain pedal and modulation wheel?

Welcome, @Jean-Benoit_Ravet

It could be several different things, when MIDI is involved. So, additionaly to what @mlib rightly suggested :

  • In the Edit > Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter panel, be sure that nothing that you could need (especially the controllers) is filtered.
  • Check on your keyboard if there isn’t any filtering that could also alter the MIDI data transmission.
  • Are you sure that the channel used is matching, both on your keyboard and Cubase MIDI/Instrument track(s) input ?

As a last resort, could you post here, a screenshot of the List Editor (MIDI > Open List Editor command) showing a MIDI/Instrument track record after having used, during it, both the pedal and the wheel ?