Sustain pedal cc#64 data not recording in 10.5.20

I just upgraded to Cubase 10.5.20 and now my sustain pedal is no longer works. I see on/off info is being sent to the track when I depress the pedal and lift but it doesn’t sustain the note, and none of the data is recorded when I record midi.

I’ve closed and reopened Cubase, turned the keyboard (Nektar Panorama P6) off and on, unplugged the pedal, switched the polarity switch, nothing seems to work.

any suggestions or is this a bug with 10.5.20?


Hi and welcome,

Double check, there is no Sustain filtered out in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please.

Also make sure, you are not using any Remote Device (Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Device), which would use Nektar Panorama as an MIDI Input. Especially not Mackie Control or Mackie HUI, please.

Thanks Martin. Checked the MIDI filters. Only thing checked is SysEx. No remote devices are connected.

I tried writing the sustain info on a new event and that doesn’t seem to be doing anything (it just sustains). Previously recorded events respond to the info. So this is very confusing!