sustain pedal issue

I’ve had this before, but I can’t recall the fix. All of a sudden my sustain pedal is acting like an on/off switch. My controller is an M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro, and I do have the template for it loaded into the Generic Devices page of Cubase. Any suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

On Off in what sense?
Is the polarity of the pedal reversed? (IE, notes sustain when pedal is NOT pressed)? If that’s it, just restart your instrument without pressing the pedal :slight_smile:. Most instruments sense the pedal polarity at startup, so if you have it pressed at that time, it’ll act in reverse.

Yes, I misspoke. It functions correctly in terms of on/off like a sustain pedal should, but when I depress it, it mutes the channel. I assigned CC# 64 to this pedal, but still the same behavior. I think this all does have something to do with the polarity of the pedal, but I get the same behavior (only reversed) when I close Cubase, turn the keyboard off, reset the polarity switch on the pedal, and then fire everything back up


Thank for the help, however :sunglasses:

Upon further inspection, I find this behavior only occurs when Ivory is installed; when I remove Ivory, it goes back to normal operation

Aloha T,

I’ve had this before, but I can’t recall the fix.

Strange one T,

1-Do you have it working now?

2-Did you (have to) get in touch with the Ivory folks?

I ask because I don’t have this prob with Ivory now.
I am just trying to ‘head off’ any potentials.

TIA (thanks in advance)

FYI: A TIA is a Transient Ischemic Attack, also known as a ‘mini stroke’ (and no, we’re not talking about miniature golf).


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