Sustain pedal midi cc?

Hi, sorry, do you know if you can configure the input and output of the sustain pedal from the Midi editor? Or if you can record using the record button?

The sustain pedal always sends MIDI CC 64. Dorico doesn’t provide you with a means to remap that to another controller, I’m afraid. I expect that’s possible via some kind of third party intermediary software that transforms the MIDI on its way through the system, but it’s not possible to change in Dorico.

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Could I use that CC message using dorico’s Midi editor to write the sustain pedal performance directly there?

Why don’t you use Dorico’s built-in pedal playing techniques?
So much quicker than messing around with cc lanes.

Because I need it to export audios with pedal but I want the score to be very clean and I want to put only the pedal symbol at the beginning and add “similar” but I want the audio to be heard with the pedal when exporting. And I think it would be faster to use the pencil tool or some resource of the dorico playback window to do this midi part, than to write the pedal all the score, export and then delete…

Yes, you can enter CC64 data in the Key Editor, and you can “Suppress playback” of pedal markings in the Properties Panel.

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I found it easiest to use the Ped. Playing Techniques and then use Edit > Filter >Pedal Lines to select and hide the Pedal marking, showing only the ones I wanted to see.