Sustain pedal panning track 1 right

Hello. Working in Cubase 11 pro and my sustain pedal is causing trouble. The sustain works as it should and records etc but……
On track 1 only, when I press the sustain pedal it sustains as usual but pans the sound hard right. This only happens on track 1. I am really new to Cubase so if somebody could explain step by step I would be extremely happy as it’s driving me around the bend.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Make sure, you don’t use the MIDI Device as an input in the Studio > Studio Setup > Generic Remote, Quick Controls or any other remote device, please.

Hi thanks for your reply. I’m sorry but I’m an absolute newby and don’t understand. Can you advise exactly where to look and what to look for ? Thanks again for your help

What @Martin.Jirsak was suggesting is to be sure that you don’t have any control definition related to a panner in Cubase that could react to the message your sustain pedal is sending (usually : channel 1 - CC 64), in these window panels, accessible with the following menu and options sequences :

  • Studio>Studio Setup>Track quick controls
  • Studio>Studio Setup>VST quick controls
  • Still in the Studio>Studio Setup window, eventual Generic Remote definitions panes active and using the same MIDI Port as your sustain pedal.

To check this quickly, I would set all these as Not Connected in the MIDI Input drop down List (top of each pane) and see from there if there is still an issue related to the panner with your sustain pedal usage.

Sorted. Thanks for your help.