Sustain pedal Plays a note when i press it

hi, how is everything?
I have a YAMAHA CLP-220 which has input and output ports. I can connect my piano to my laptop and play a song with that and it works totally correct unless I press the sustain pedal. it makes a weird sound! when I press it, the Cubase diagnoses it as an E note and shows it on the virtual keyboard(In Cubase). I think the pedals are not calibrated or adjust correctly . The question is How can calibrate them ? or is there any driver that I should install(i message to Yamaha company and their driver did not work on my pc(it returns nothing has been connected but at the same time I could play notes on Cubase)

(the pedal works correctly sometimes and it does the job But when I try to refresh it(pull up and press down)it play the wrong E.)
(I have changed vst , version of Cubase, try on FL studio and different Pianos but it didn’t fix)
thanks for your help

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Please, go thru the Studio > Studio Setup and double-check, if you are using any Remote Device. If yes, set the MIDI Input to Not Connected, please.