Sustain pedal - release when new note is played

I would like to have this function: That when I play a note and pressing down my sustain pedal (which in my case is a sequence sound in the synth Modular V), then without releasing the sustain pedal, the first note is silenced immediately after I play another note on my midi synth.

I understand that MIDI Hold is CC 64 for the sustain pedal. Value 63 is off, and value 64 is on.

Is this something I can achieve in Cubase or should I try to dig in to what my midi synth Nektar Impact LX61+ can do?

Does the synth or plugin have a Mono option? It’s usually somewhere under voice control settings.


Not what I can see. I have to think more about this.

Don’t know this synth, but from a quick google of it there does indeed seem to be a ‘switch’ …


Thank you, This was really what I was looking for. And the reason I ask a question here, is that I have been googling to try to find a solution. Sometimes it’s not obvious how to exactly formulate the best search string.

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