Sustain pedal(s)

Is there a pedal, or a triple pedal with a USB connection?

Before you roll your Campanella sheet music to spank me, hear me out. Most of the times, I do not have access to a keyboard that can recognize the sustain pedal as something else than a switch. No matter if I get a continuous pedal, it will always be a switch if the keyboard doesn’t support it. I know I could connect it to a secondary “expression” input and remap it to CC64, but then I’d be wasting an input, if the POS keyboard had it in the first place. So…

Is there such a device, that would allow me to half pedal, quarter pedal and any-pedal, use damper, sostenuto and una corda that I would buy once, and have it connected to my PC forever, no matter what keyboard I used at the time? I suppose the two-or-more devices problem would be handled by the plug-in when standalone, or through ALL MIDI In on the track in Cubase.

I think this might do the trick, it has four foot switches - I have one I use wirelessly to send key presses, but it is supposed to send midi over a cable. There are multiple sellers selling this all with different branding. It’s configured using an app called CubeSuite for iphone or Android. I was surprised at how robust the app and device are.

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Ok, that’s interesting. If the 1/4 jack input accepts TRS, I guess I could use a pedal and switch the CC messages (and thus the type of pedal) from the banks.

I’m looking for something like this:

But instead of spitting out jacks that would have to go into the keyboard, it would spit out a single USB instead.

Does this fit the bill? Sounds like it may be problematic getting it to work with something other than a Yamaha Digital Piano though.

Or if a little DIY is your thing…

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I was looking at that kawai hack just yesterday. Awesome to see resourceful people at it, but I’m not one. Oh, well, I’ll just settle with a switch like the rest of the world.