Sustain Sent at Start Issue

I’m working on a piano piece and after deleting all my pedal lines, playback seems to send a sustain event at the start of playback. This happens regardless of where I start playback. The sustain is cancelled when playback is stopped. I see no CC 64 events in the automation lane. If I place a Ped marking for the first note only, playback works as expected for any place after. Deleting the new Ped marking reverts back to the sustain being sent at the start of playback (from any location).

This is a minor annoyance as I’ll put the pedal line back in later.

Sample project enclosed. (533 KB)

Somehow you have managed to end up with pedal lines before the start of the music. If you’re having this problem with your full project and you want me to fix it, I could do so if you attach it here or send it to me, though it will require some manual surgery on the data, so if you’re planning to add pedal lines back to the music in due course, hopefully you can live with it.

Meanwhile (as a workaround), if I were you (sjanssens), I may create a new Piano player (grand staff) and copy all notation data (except pedal signs, whether there are or not) to the clipboard, then paste them to the new grand staff.

Thanks, Daniel, no need to fix the data. I can deal with it. I just wanted to provide a heads up.