Sustain without a sustain pedal in Cubase AI?

Is there any way to get sustain without a sustain pedal in Cubase AI?


You can draw the Sustain (CC64) in the Controller Lane of the Key Editor. Is this what you are asking for?

I have tried to do this but it doesnt work. Can you take me step by step on how to do this incase im doing something wrong?

Here you go:
add cc64

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I tried that method and had to draw lines which i didnt understand. Even after drawing lines it didnt have sustain. But I tried another method which is to (show automation>switch to CC 64>change numbers) which i tried initially but didnt work. For some reason now it does. My only problem now is that the sustain goes on forever. Lol. I am using Kontakt/Reaktor6 vst instrument.

Just click to add one point, exactly as shown in the animated gif.

The value of the cc64 node (aka dot) must be 127