SVG are not displayed properly in graphic frames

I made an arrow line in Inkscape and saved it as SVG. The line shows up correctly, but the arrow tip isn’t displayed. If I open the file with other program the image is correct. Is this a known bug?

Here’s the original SVG if you want to take a look.

Welcome to the forum, Rufus. Your SVG doesn’t show an arrowhead for me when I open it in Affinity Designer, for example. I suggest you make sure that rather than using any kind of automatic arrow-head drawing that SVG might provide, ensure that all shapes in your SVG are converted to explicit curves/outlines before you export it from Inkscape. I don’t use Inkscape, but a quick Google suggests you should do Path > Object to Path in Inkscape before you export your SVG.

Thank you very much! I’m a beginner with Inkscape too, so I didn’t think it was a problem about that, now it works