SVG import padding oddity

I generate the footers on the first page of my scores as an SVG file, using CorelDraw. The result on importing to the graphics frame is that there is a small amount of padding around the graphic that no amount of resizing can eliminate:

When I export the same graphic as a PNG file, this doesn’t happen:

I thought that perhaps Corel was adding the padding on export, but on examining the resulting SVGs in Inkscape, this is not the case, so I don’t think it’s an issue with the graphic itself. The result is that the footer doesn’t occupy the equivalent width of the music frame, and this looks slightly ‘off’ and unprofessional to my eye. I know I could work around this by playing with the page margins, but I don’t feel I should need to! It’s a small point, I know, but it’s driving me nuts… any ideas appreciated.