SVG is not converting correctly in 3.5

Hi Guys,

I suppose this may be a support question, so maybe I should be posting this to Dorico / Steinberg Support etc… but here goes.

  1. When exporting a SVG slice from the Engrave page or an SVG Graphic from the print page Dorico is not converting the Time Signature to Outlines, it is keeping the Time Signaturet as a font. So when imported into graphics programs or for use in web design as an SVG image file the SVG is not rendered correcting.

  2. There is also a problem with the alignment of bar lines and double bar lines etc, the length of the lines are calculated slightly too long and extend outside of the Staff lines.

The reason why SVG is important to me is because I am developing websites that have many hundreds of image files, and SVG is the most suitable option, small file size and is scalable etc. In contrast, if I were to use png / jpg files the page load would be so slow and the publishing and (uploading) of png files at 1x, 2x and 3x resolution would be extreme.

I sincerely hope Steinberg / Dorico support can fix the images and respond to this plea from me!

Apart from that, I’m loving Dorico 3.5!


It’s a bit variable whether or not font characters get converted to outlines when exporting SVG; this is at the discretion of the underlying Qt framework rather than something that we have direct control over in Dorico. If you’re using graphic slices and importing them into other software, I would suggest using PDF rather than SVG.

However, there’s no problem with the lengths of barlines etc. in the SVGs exported from Dorico. You can verify this for yourself by dragging an exported SVG file into your web browser. And editing it in an app like Affinity Designer shows that everything is perfectly aligned. I wonder whether the editing application you’re using might be at fault?

Hi Daniel,

It is a little problem if the font is not converted! It makes the file ‘as is’ unusable.

As far the barline lengths, mixed results.The ‘Graphic’ macOS application is displaying the length issue, Sketch is displaying length ok, but bar numbers and time signatures displaying as fonts and not outlines, so is useless. Affinity Designer is displaying correct lengths and placement of fonts, thank God! etc

One way around the problem is to import into Affinity Designer and before scaling the image convert any font’s to outlines then resave the SVG.

Shame really. Maybe one day QT will do conversion of all fonts etc.

Thanks for helping,

I certainly agree it would be better if we could have a bit more control over how SVG export works, including the option to convert everything to outlines. I can totally understand your desire to avoid any intermediate processing step, but right now SVG exported direct from Dorico isn’t going to provide that, I fear.

Depending on how much of this you’re really going to be doing, another option might be to export slices in PDF format to a known location, then have some kind of script or other automated action that watches that script and then converts the PDF to an SVG via a command-line tool like this one, which produces pretty decent SVG.

Great idea Daniel about using script , but skimming through that post on GIthub it looks like it is for Windows and Linux.
I’m wondering if automator on macOS could do a similar thing, I will explore and see what I can find etc.

Thanks again for the tip :slight_smile:

I think the readme is only redirecting you in case you’re not on Mac. Have you tried building it?

I just read the read me, haven’t got a clue how to build it!

I have found a solution though, save slices as PDF import into Affinity Designer - convert to outlines (excellent conversion as well), save as SVG. It works in my web development software, so I’m very happy!

At some point I will probably use Keyboard Maestro to automate it, automator on macOS doesn’t seem to be able to do it.
I only have a few to do each time, so I’m not trying to convert hundreds all in one go, so thats ok.

Thanks again for your help.