SVG not importing correctly

Here’s an SVG I attempted to place in a graphics frame:

Obviously not right. Here’s the original:

It is converted to path/curves… should be fine. I imported another one in this project and it was fine. Any idea what’s going on?

Here’s the SVG itself: Dropbox - Magnetic Rag Learning Tips2.svg - Simplify your life

And here’s the PDF it came from: Dropbox - Magnetic Rag Learning Tips2.pdf - Simplify your life

I do understand that this could be done natively in Dorico using text frames, and we might do that. But I’d still like to know why it’s not importing as expected. It has worked in other files, IIRC.

Funnily enough, Dan, this happened to me yesterday. I wondered what was up. It didn’t even occur to me in the moment to report it.

Here is the SVG file, just in case anyone from Steinberg wants to check it out.
Justitiæ (36.4 KB)

Neither the PDF nor the SVG worked for me.

Here are two working SVG files.

Magnetic Rag Learning Tips2


In the case of the Joplin file, the problem was caused by additional rectangles with transparency set; SVG-Tiny, which is the flavour of SVG that Dorico can handle, doesn’t support transparency.

In the case of the chant, I’m not sure what specifically was the problem, but opening it and re-exporting from Affinity Designer sorted it out. (148.3 KB)

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I’m glad to know about the affinity trick. I ended up taking the score from dorico with a hole in it where I wanted the chant to be and just placed it with affinity anyway. I had a few other tweaks to do in AP anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal. I will try your trick in future, though.

Many thanks Daniel. I will have many more of these sorts of SVGs to do. I had tried importing this into Affinity and exporting “with background,” which didn’t fix it.

Is there something else I’m missing? Obviously I’d like to be self-sufficient on making these in the future. Thanks!

What I did was basically find every large rectangle that bounds either the whole page or chunks of the text and then deleted them, then simply exported the SVG in the usual way.

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