SVG Slices and Letter Spacing

I was making an SVG slice to place into a document for our world premiere and noticed something interesting.

I have a Paragraph Style for Beat Groupings which uses the Metrico font and letter spacing set to -3. As best I can tell, the letter spacing is honored in PDFs but not in SVGs.

I know nothing of SVG format, so I’m not saying this is a Dorico bug, but I am curious how this comes about and, if possible, a way for it to honor letter spacing.
SVG and PDF (33.3 KB)

I’m afraid this is a limitation of the SVG export functionality that Dorico relies upon in the Qt application framework. I suggest you use PDF as the export format, and if you need to convert it to SVG, do it using a post-processing step via another application. If you have a large number of such files to handle, it would be worth looking at automating that process, e.g. using a command line tool that can process a whole folder in a single operation.

Thanks kindly for the education Daniel. I think if this ever becomes critical (like examples for a book or something) I’ll export to PDF, then SVG in Illustrator or something. Thankfully these are simple internal documents for now.

If you need examples for a book, PDF is a better format in any case.