SVGs as Playing Techniques disappear after resizing

I’m experiencing some difficulties with Playing Techniques that use SVG files.

The SVG seems to disappear if resized (in the Edit Playing Techniques dialog) after creation. If I try to edit a Playing Technique (inserted in the score, in this case) to change its scale, nothing seemingly happens at first. It is not updated in the score. I believe I have seen the same behavior with PTs using font glyphs as well, so I just reinput the playing technique. Except that, with SVGs, this seemingly results in the link with the file being broken. The playing technique is inputted, but completely blank.

I’ve been having to Undo enough times so that I reach the point where the Playing Technique itself is created, because it seems otherwise unfixable.

(Also, a few more tweaks for the future: please make it so that the imported SVG does not change the size of the Edit Playing Techniques dialog; it can often be large enough to kick the modal buttons outside of the screen. In addition, the SVG itself appears pixelated in these dialogs. And a way to clean up the linked to files would be important at some point.)

I have recently fixed this very problem. I thought the fix had made it into 3.1.10, but perhaps it didn’t. Are you definitely working in 3.1.10?


I try not to update in the middle of projects (and, if I recall correctly, in my machine Dorico might just have been subjected to continuous runtime since before the update was launched). So, no, I was not. Having said that, I did take a look at the version history, although a cursory search didn’t bring back anything relevant.

Figured it should be okay updating in this case, and I can confirm it is fixed. Sorry for bringing this up!

No problem – glad it really is fixed.