SWAM Violin controlled with Dorico and a Leap Motion controller

Just wanted to share something I’ve been experimenting with! I was browsing solo string VSTs over Black Friday, and I remembered that I got the SWAM series a long while back, but using all its controls was too daunting. Then I discovered I could use a Leap Motion controller with it, and if I let Dorico handle the notes, I can manipulate many controls with just a wave of my hand. Here it is in action!

I made an expression map which also includes some playing techniques that facilitate certain performance aspects of the VST (H for high position, L for low position, etc.), and Geco sends the converted Leap Motion data to Dorico. If I have the violin staff selected, I can perform and even record all of the CCs on the violin track.

This is an almost direct MusicXML import of an arrangement of Danse Macabre I found on IMSLP, with some tweaks to timing. I didn’t bother going through the whole piece to correct errors, and this “performance” is just for fun and illustrative purposes, so please excuse the gaffes (like at 7:00 when tracking stops entirely!)


Fascinating performance - well done!

Hi JesterMusician,
Nice work! I got the cello. Can you share an expression map?
Thank you,

Here is a ZIP file with a playback template and SWAM presets. You’ll need to load the preset in SWAM and import the playback template in Dorico.

  • Pizzicato, tremolo, and col legno battuto can be used just by adding the playing techniques where desired.
  • Dynamics are mapped to both note velocity and expression (CC 11) simultaneously. They can be overridden individually in Play Mode.
  • The playing techniques “H” and “L” will change the AltFing property. This allows you to play a note on a different string at the nut or bridge. (You may wish to hide these in favour of a “sul G” or similar instruction as a text object or line.)
  • The playing techniques “I” “II” and “III” will change the Dbl/Hold Str. Selection property. This allows you to change the pair of strings on which a double stop will be played. (They will not alter strings for individual notes — use H/L instead.)
  • Portamento can be adjusted by setting CC 5 to a low value for notes under a slur and giving the second note a negative playback start offset. (You may also need to adjust the position of one of the notes with H/L if you want the portamento on a single string.)
  • Vibrato depth (CC 1), vibrato rate (CC 19), bow pressure (CC 16), and bow position (CC 17) can be adjusted manually with the corresponding CC’s in Play Mode. (You may wish to adjust the ranges, too.)

Dorico_SWAM.zip (20.9 KB)