Swap L & R channels

Just upgraded to 11 Pro and a long time away from Cubase - I cannot find a way to swap / flip the L & R channels and the manual isn’t much help as it directs me to a “pop-up” that I also cannot find. Help please!
“This function allows you to manipulate the left and right channels of stereo audio selections.
In the Mode pop-up menu, the available options are:
Flip Left-Right
Swaps the left and right channel.”
Where its this mysterious MODE?


Audio > Processes > Stereo Flip.

Thanks, but I don’t want to print a flipped file, I wish to flip a stereo VSTi (SSD Drums) that has the drummer perspective. On it’s audio channel, simple to do with a plugin but I would think there’s a way to do it with the mixer, I simply cannot find this “mode” pop up.


Then use the Stereo Combined Panner and swap the L & R sides (the panner would become orange).

That I’ve tried to do also but I can see no way of swapping them, cannot make them turn orange. If I drag left to right how do I drag the right to left- this simple task is not very intuitive!

OK - so counter-intuitively one has to drag UP or DOWN…to swap Left & Right… sorted, thank you. Still like to know what this MODE popup is because that’s the correct way to do it according to the manual.
Interestingly, this channel swap is not reflected in Cue sends, they remain un-inverted.,

Did you selected a stereo audio event?
If not, then this is not possible… it works only with audio data.

of course not, they are before the panner, otherwise the main mix would mess up all Cue mixes all the time it changes…

One might want to have channel panning information reflected in cue sends, often that would be so.

Then you can enable it… but it’s disabled by default…

Left and Right work, but it is tricky to click on the very Edge of the control when it is hard Left or Right - as you can see in this gif it took me 2 tries to snag the Right Edge.

panner invert

Another way to do this is to double+click on the “L” or “R” and type in the other letter (or even a letter number combo e.g. R26).


Thanks for the input on this - I’d still love to hear from anyone who can find this elusive “MODE” that is mentioned in the manual…


Could you send a link to the online manual, where did you find this, please?

here it is:

But on further examination I now see that it probably applies to an audio region, not a channel strip, my bad, but that’s what happens when you Google, and the manual is a/ not dated or version numbered, and b/ you’re in a hurry for a solution!


This is the Stereo Flip process, I mentioned in my very first post. For the current Cubase 11, the right manual page is here.

yes I apologise for the confusion and my response - I should have made it clear that I was looking for a channel flip on a channel strip, not an audio. region. It was in fact for the stereo channel strip from SSD Drums. And I’ve been sent real drum stems from engineers with conflicting stereo between overheads & room mics from time to time. Anyway I now have a solution thanks to this forum. It’s fun finding my way back to Cubase after deserting some years ago…!