Swap L/R Speakers Option in Control Room

Would love to be able to swap the left for right and vice versa in the control room. I find this helpful during mixing in addition to listening in mono and having dim, pairs of speakers, etc.

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Plus make it an option even if you are not using the control room.

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Set your Stereo Out to Stereo Combined Panner and drag the left edge all the way to the right & the right edge all the way to the left.

I’m not seeing what you’re describing as an option in Control Room. Is there some deeper preference I need to enable? Even if that was an option, it would still be nice to have a simple button like there currently is for dim, mono, etc. instead of having to make 3-4 moves with my mouse. I’m imagining using this as a sometimes brief reference during the process of mixing. The other advantage of a button is that I could make it a downmix preset then have a custom key command and control it from my control surface. None of that is possible with the workflow you’ve outlined, unfortunately, but I’d still love to know if there’s something I need to enable to access your technique in Control Room.

Not Control Room, Stereo Out - the bus that feeds Control Room. CR has no panning capability except as it occurs for down-mixes. If you want to mess with any panning it needs to occur before you hit the CR. Although I suppose there probably is a panning plug you could stick on a CR Insert. If I were looking for something like that I start the search at KVR.

By the way the technique I described above will work on any stereo audio channel (even Instrument Tracks). So you could setup multiple buses feeding Stereo Out with one having the left-right swapped. Then just toggle between the buses to hear it normal or flipped. I suspect (but haven’t looked at details) that if you gave these buses specific names then you could use the PLE to perform the the toggle. Assign a Key Command the the PLE Preset, save as a Project Template and you’ve just DIY’d your request.

Urggg, just realized the easy way to toggle the L/R flip. First do the following step from above on the Stereo Out. If you do this on a template you’ll only need to set it up once.

The above can be tricky to do by dragging. You can also set the edges by clicking on the “R” and typing in “L”

At this point your Left/Right pan will be flipped Right/Left.

Now if you Bypass the Panner on Stereo Out (the left button when you hover over the panner) the flip will be bypassed and you’ll be back to Left/Right. Now the Panner Bypass button toggles the flip.

The attached shows how the panner should look at each step.

  1. Starting off
  2. Set to Stereo Combined Panner
  3. The Right/Left flip
  4. Panner bypassed


Brilliant! So helpful. Thank you!