Swap voice content differs when using shortcut

when doing a “swap voice content” using the context menu gives a different result compared to using a shortcut. I guess this isn’t supposed to be this way. I’m using D4.1 on Mac.
Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 18.22.04
Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 18.21.43

Is that a pitched instrument, or perhaps a percussion kit? Can you attach a snippet of your project that exhibits the problem, so we can try to reproduce it ourselves?

Hey Daniel,

here’s the project file. I’ve trimmed it down to one bar.
If you select the first 3 notes and do a swap voice content you get either extra rests (keyboard shortcut) or it behaves like it should (right clicking and context menu).
Hope this helps!


swap voice content bug 4.1.dorico (489 KB)

I’m afraid I’m unable to reproduce this problem: whether I use the menu item or a shortcut, I get the same results, which is absolutely what I would expect, of course. Is it possible that you are mistakenly invoking a different command somehow via the keyboard?

Hi Daniel,

thanks for you answer. I tried some stuff and found the problem: I had two key commands appointed to shift-v, and it took the other one :slight_smile: