Swapping L-R channels of stereo samples in GA4?

I have started to build my own drum kits in GA4 using 3rd party (Drumdrops) multi-velocity samples. But when I set the panning of the samples assinged to a single instrument pad (on the Main tab of the Edit section) I found out that it does not behave in the way that I would expect. Then I found out that the stereo samples have been recorded with opposite panning and that I am actually trying to force the sample to output more of the channel with weaker signal and less of the channel with stronger signal.
Therefore I started to look for some button to swap L and R signals of those samples but I coulnd’t find any. I am still using GA4 2.20.
At last I found the Stereo Pan effect in the Mixer section with the function Input swap. So via routing the affected pads to a BUS or an AUX I can now swap the channels of my samples (in the Stereo Pan effect) but that implies that I need to set the panning in the oposite way than I would normally do on the Main tab of the Edit section.
I believe it would be much more convenient to have that option directly in the Edit section.

Has anybody found any better solution for swaping channels of imported samples directly in GA4?
Thanks for help.

It’s better to import al samples as tracks and batch export all the tracks in Mono down mix, now you can do simple standard panning.

I can see that your suggestion might be the easiest way to solve that problem. Thanks.