Swing and off-beat pickup bars

Is it the intention of the design for a project that is set to swing and has a pickup bar that does not start on the beat to not swing until the first full bar? Because that is what happens for instance with meter set to 4/4,1.5.

If I specify either 4/4,1 or 4/4,2 then it works as expected.

I’d say that it’s not strictly intentional, but the swing feature does currently operate only on whole quarter (crotchet) beats. We’d need to extend it to work for those kinds of pick-ups – I’ll add this to our backlog.


I ran into the same problem today. Started my project with meter set to 4/4,1.5 and inserted 3 eighths notes in the pick-up bar and a half note in bar 1. Then I tried to use the shift+t swing options and global playback options to set swing, but it played straight. I thought I might do something wrong but the version history of Dorico 2.1 confirmed I’d done it right and it should playback fine. Only then I tried filling the next bars with eighths notes which surprisingly worked!
Glad to have found the workaround with 4/4,2 for now.