Swing Playback Not Working

For some reason, the playback won’t play with swing eighth notes even though I have indicated “2:1 swing 8ths (fixed)” for the rhythmic feel. This is only the case for the trumpet and clarinet though, and the rhythm section is still swinging. The rhythm section was playing swing eighths before I even indicated swing. There is an earlier section where I indicated straight eighths, and when I changed back to the original tempo and time signature after that section, that is where the weird swing thing is going on. The beginning of the piece starts swung.

Actually, the trumpet is also swinging. The only instrument playing straight is the clarinet.

On the top of my head the only sensible explanation I can think of is that you have applied a local tempo to the clarinet at some point in the score that prevents that player from playing the same “tempo feel” than the others. Local tempi are achieved by alt-entering the tempo popover instead of entering it.