Swing playback on a per-phrase basis?

I know that in Playback Options, Dorico can adjust the overall playback swing feel. But is there a way to do this on a per-phrase basis? I have a score which is constantly switching between straight and swung rhythms, and I’d prefer not to alternate between duplet and triplet notation; I’d rather write everything in duplet notation then add the words “swing” and “straight” above the relevant phrases, as I think it’ll result in greater legibility.

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Yes, you can input rhythmic feel “changes”.

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Perfect, thank you Lillie!

P.S. to this post: I learned that by doing this, Dorico will only apply the changes on a per-bar basis. In other words, if you wan, for example, swing and straight within the same bar, Dorico can’t do that; it will honor the first but not the second.

Feature request for the future?