swing - quantizing notes shorter than the swing setting

If I use swing can I somehow quantize notes shorter than the grid size on which my swing is based - but without loosing that swing?

For example: I set the grid size to 8th notes and set the swing to 50%. Then I’d like to play and quantize some 16th notes in this track without loosing the swing (that is still based on an 8th notes grid).

Can that be done?

Thanks a lot!!

Not quite understanding here…
Do you want the 16th-notes to be “straight” while the 8ths are swung, or do you want them placed half-way between the swung 8ths?

Thanks! I think I want the latter! placing them half was between the swing 8ths.

hmmm, bit of a headscratcher :wink:
Anyways, do it in two stages (best not to use “Auto Apply”… just hit “Q” manually when you are ready)
So, at the start, you just have 8the-notes which you then quantize to 8ths with swing at 50%? So do so (and hit “Q”)
Then (I’m really not sure whether this gives the desired result… try it anyways :wink: ), set Quantize to 16ths with a swing of 50%, and add your 16th-notes. If you want to quantize just those, make sure that they are selected and not the notes that fall on 8ths.
(I’d be very interested to know if it does what you want :wink: )

Having done a quick mock-up of what I suggested (for one bar), I created a “Groove Quantize” preset from it, and (look at the attached screenshot) it does indeed look like the 16ths are half way between the swung 8ths :wink: )

Hey this is super cool! Especially the idea with the groove quantize preset. Thanks a lot!!