Swing rhythm playback

In Swedish folk music, we have a special notated quirk where we write dotted eighth + sixteenth but we actually play it closer to a triplet swing feel.
I recently tranferred to Dorico Pro 5 from Siblelius 7 Ultimate and I remember that there was a button in the playback menu there which said dotted eighth + sixteenth = triplet swing (in music notation of course). Is this possible in Dorico?

I don’t think this is possible in playback (honestly, just notate in compound meter haha) but it should be possible in notation.

How can I do it in notation? I’ve tried with the tempo popover, but can’t figure it out.

I’m trying to figure it out too…

Hi @pemareman , and welcome to the Forum!,
you can easily write this, with a dedicated music font (and system-attached text), for example using MusGlyphs.

dorico file example:
dotted to swing in notation.dorico (466.1 KB)
(You need MuseGlyphs font installed to see the File properly.)



Thank you for your help!

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Oh I didn’t know that existed cool

And for playback you should be able to get a triplet swing feel by going into Playback Options > Timing > Rhythmic Feel. From here you can select a global swing for your entire project, or also define custom swing feels which you can then apply to individual notes (using the tempo popover with the specific notes selected).

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Or at any rhythmic position using the caret.

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