Switch automatically to bulit-in speakers or headphones? (MacOS)

So this happens every time I quit Cubase and run it again with a different scenario (e.g. headphones plugged-in, headphones not plugged-in). Next time I open a project - there is no sound. I have to manually click on the Speakers or Headphones output checkbox in Studio setup → Control Panel. Also sometimes it doesn’t automatically switch to headphones when I plug them in before I run Cubase.

It’s a bit annoying having to do this every time. This worked flawlessly for years on all of my previous Macbooks with older Cubase versions. I just want Cubase to automatically switch to speakers or headphones (in case the latter are connected).

Any suggestions?

Cubase 12.0.52,
Macbook M1 Max

maybe you could try to bypass it by using different app to switch audio outputs. There are apps that do so using e.g. keybord shortcuts, or you could opt for an audioswitch headphone stand that switches audio automatically.