Switch between Headphones & Speakers output.

Hi musicians, first question here on this forum, Cubase is working excellent on my P.C., only question I currently have is, I am using direct monitor with my headphones and when I finish recording I want to hear them on the Speakers (monitors). Both are setup in VST Connections -> Outputs. The headphones are working excellent, I just want to simply be able to hear myself on the Monitors too.

Thanks :nerd:


Please? I hear my recordings in my headphones only, I want to be able to toggle the playback between headphones and monitors. Both are setup in VST connections, there are 2 output buses.


It is always best to list your exact hardware/software to get the most useful help.

As a general thought… try setting the main stereo out channel to be assigned to the output bus that is associated with your monitors. When I do this with my audio interface the output is sent to both (monitors and headphones).

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