Switch CMD + mouse wheel to CNTRL + mouse wheel on mac

hi there … i jump between 2 rigs using cubase 10-11 one mac one PC …

is there a way i can switch the key command on mac from

’ command + mouse wheel "

for zooming: and change to

’ control + mouse wheel ’

i don’t want to remap the keyboard in system prefs as i don’t want to overwrite my other shortcuts …

PLEASE HELP!!! probably v simple but can’t figure it out!


I’m sorry, you can’t do this in Cubase. But as far as I know, you can change this on system level. The Ctrl button will behave as Cmd.

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thanks - yes sadly system wise this messes things up.

on a different note do you possibly know how to enable windows shortcuts on MAC - so save would be cntrl + S not cmd + S … is there a preset xml. file floating around ?


Open Edit > Key Commands window, find the File > Save function, and assign Control + S Key Command, please.