Switch 'Lift' with 'Plop Smooth'

Maybe it’s just me, but the order of Jazz Articulations seems off to me.
I would suggest switching the "Lift"s with the "Plop Smooth"s, then you have alternating rows of "up"s and "down"s.
After all, “Plop” is on the first row of the bends, but on the second of the "Smooth"s.


(If there is a particular reason to the current order, I’m happy to learn!)

Looks like in the current disposition in one line pitch always goes up and in the other pitch always goes down. O guess that’s why it is like it is.

Although following that reasoning the first elements of lines 1 and 2 should switch too.

It’s a diagram from an IQ test. If you can see which two symbols you have to swap to make it perfect, you get to join MENSA :slight_smile:

Don’t forget - some of the ornaments before the note are the “comes” - comes down and comes up. The ones after the note are the goes - goes down and goes up.

Real heavy music engraving stuff.