Switch off dynamic linking between Cubase MIDI tracks

Hello Cubase users
Can I pls ask someone for clarification on this…
When you select a MIDI track and go Shift+Ctrl+Alt then drag, you can copy the whole track down to a new track below. That’s what I want.
But I find that two tracks (the new and old) are now dynamically linked so that, when I move a note in one part, the same happens in the original.
Is there any way to switch off this dynamic link between the old and new parts so that they can be edited as separate parts?
Also is there a quick way to copy a track without them being dynamically linked.
Thanks for any pointers.

Don´t use “shift”

Maybe you are copying the Track, but I suspect you are really copying all the Parts on the Track not the Track itself.

Read the section in the Ops Manual about Shared Copies of MIDI Parts.

I’ll do that. Thanks to you both.