switch off toggle keycommand for arrow (tool)

I use key-commands for the different tools in the toolbox quite a lot. The arrow tool unfortunately has 3 function. Nothing wrong with the functions. They just shouldn’t be located in the same tool as you sometime sit and spend time on getting it back the the initial arrow function.

Is it somehow possible to switch off the toggle keycommand function for the arrow tool ?

Dr Tolle :wink:


No, it’s not possible to switch this off.

I thought so too.

thanks for the answer though

Dr Tolle :wink:

I use a Macro to return to the basic pointer function every time I hit the key command (I think that’s what you want it to do? So if you want either of the other 2 pointer functions you have to select them from the menu?)

I don’t have access to Cubase right now but if you can’t work it out DM me and I’ll send you the macro when I’m home in a couple of days.

Yes that could work as a solution.

I have send you a PM already.

Thanks ffg.

Dr Tolle :slight_smile: