Switch to another track in Key Editor without closing

I just want to know if it is possible in the key editor to switch from editing one track to editing another track WITHOUT leaving the editor, and therebye saving a close window (command+w) + open editor (command+e). :wink:

If you’re talking about single track or single part there’s no command inside the editor that I know of, some interaction with the project window is necessary.

  • When Prefs>Editing>Link Editors is active whatever midi part is selected in the project window will be shown in the editor, so you don’t necessarily have to close the editor.

My way is to devote a portion of the screen to the project page and use and click on the desired part, and get back to the edit window. Just one way to do it…

Hi Musicmind,

if you select more than one MIDI part before opening the Key editor, then you can choose on the “Currently Edited Part” (top of the key editor) which part you want to work on without closing the key editor.

Hope this helps

Currently edited part.jpg

Thanks to you both.
I think that will do what I want.