Switch to different patches of an instrument

Hello. ive got this issue for such a long time and couldn 't figure it out. please help me
im writing an orchestral score using new spitfire symphony orchestra libary which some patches are divided as a2(or a6) and solo. Also the legato patch devided as performance.
How can i for instance writing the flute part sometimes solo as shown by (1. or solo) above it and sometimes as a2 written above it and also achieve the proper patch in case of playback? the condensing solution or independent voice enabling cause some other issues and make the score chaotic. im looking for some tacts in expression maps affairs.

Write the flute part for the players properly and use the condensing feature for the score to condense them into one staff.

I think that @arsd1376 is referring to the playback of a2 vs solo instruments where the sample library has a specific a2 patch for that instrument.

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