Switch with 3 positions

I want to create a switch with 3 positions (left, middle, right). But the bitmaps should stay in the same xy position when switched. All switch templates have just 2 states (on and off). I’ve created a radio group with 3 exclusive switches. This only works if the bitmaps sit beside each other. Any suggestions how to realize a switch with 3 different states and bitmaps in the same xy position?

There is a switch labelled “multi” which cycles through different states and returns to the initial value after the max is reached. If you mean a 3 way toggle switch, you will probably need a custom graphic for that.

I’m not sure whether I understand your explanation though. Could you give an example of an existing switch in another plugin, or what you want to connect it to?

You could also use a knob and limit it to 3 stepped values.

Yes, you’re right, I want to built a 3 way toggle switch and I have made 3 different custom graphics. But even the multiple switch, has just two graphic states, on and off. I’ve tried it already and diddn’t get it to work for my 3 way switch.

I will check your suggestion to use a knob instead.

I’ve found a solution. I’ve created three exclusive switches with onvalues 0,1,2 and without any images. Then I’ve created a stack with three child images which are showing the 3 different switch positions. The stack and the 3 switches refer to the same integer variable. As my switch is a vertically one, I’ve devided the height of my images into 3 parts and positioned the 3 switches above each other over the stack. Now I can click in the top, middle and bottom area of my images to activate the 3 different positions and the stack images are following.