Switched from Mac to W10, so far so good....one question about tiny font size in parts of C10.

Slightly frightened new Win10 user coming from Mac. :slight_smile:

The main top menu bar is incredibly small font-wise, as are the menu box font sizes. I tried Advanced System Font Changer from WinTools but that only works on the menus themselves, not the menu bar or the message box font size in Cubase. The menu items themselves are larger but more faint. I’m on the highest resolution for the monitors because that’s how I like to work, seeing as much as possible…on my Mac all the fonts were always large enough and very readable on the highest monitor resolution.

My monitors aren’t even HDPi…they’re plain ol’ LCDs.

Since I’m a W10 newbie, I’m dearly hoping there’s a fix – there must be, I can’t imagine anybody wanting this. Thanks for any help.

It might help if you post a screen shot :slight_smile: Are you talking about the top Cubase menu bar? I have a dual boot system and the cubase menu bar is more or less the same in windows 10 or Mojave.

You can make the windows taskbar at the bottom large or small by selecting small icons or not, but obviously that’s not your problem.


I’ve just swapped from Win 7 to win 10 and cubase 10 to 10.5. I can’t believe how small the fonts are on that Cubase menu bar and throughout the program in general… Not sure if the fault is Cubase or Windows…I’m only on 1920 by 1200 resolution here…

Yes exactly – the top menu bar. And the dialog boxes that come up. Interesting that yours are the same in both Mojave and W10. Hmmmm!

Same here. There’s got to be something to change somewhere. Anyone experience this and fix it?

Just for reference, other than it being on 3 ultra-wides here is what the tool bar I think should look like…at least normal to me., with the Project Page in focus.

Thanks gregggybud. Here is mine. It’s hard to tell from yours without having your actual monitors in front of me so I can see their relative size. On mine, the Cubase menu items and the Missing Ports dialog box have tiny fonts, which you can see compared to the files on the left side of the desktop (normal sized). It might not look that way in this graphic, but it’s definitely tiny here. You can see in VE Pro on the right that the menu fonts are a very clear size. The actual Cubase app GUI look normal, aside from the dialog boxes (the notepad is also a tinier font than it was on my Mac). All other apps, including Chrome, look normal (i.e. not tiny) as far as menu text, etc.

It’s gotta either be a Windows setting somewhere or a DPI setting within individual apps, because things like many app install dialogs are also miniscule. I’ve tried every font-resizing thing I can think of, including WinTools and the normal W10 options.

The sizes of the top menu bar look normal to me except I’m wondering if the Project Page in focus? The black color behind the top menu bar can be changed to any color in Windows 10…mine is gray.

My Windows 10 desktop icons are set for the smallest size. I think you only get 3 sizes in windows iirc. And the Missing Ports box looks the same as mine, even when comparing the desktop icons.

Hopefully someone who uses Mac and Windows 10 can explain more differences.

How does one change that in W10?

As far as the size being normal to you, I’m comparing it to what it was on Mac which was clearer and larger. The dialog box text is much smaller in W10 as well, comparatively, as I said - doesn’t match the size of other text in the app.

I think I’m confusing you…sorry!

For Cubase focus, just click anywhere in the project page. I think the Cubase color by default is white. Mine is orange as shown.

Then, referring to Windows 10 focus, if you click anywhere on mix console 2, that white area I circled turns gray (again gray is the color I chose in Windows 10 preferences) and there is Cubase focus (orange) around the mix console, and that gray area just below the top menu bar turns white to indicate the Project page is out of focus. The very top bar where the top menu is, always stays gray.

Based on your screen shot, it looks like everything is normal. But a Mac/Windows guy would be able to tell for sure…

I just spent a while on the phone with Jim from Studio Cat (he built my awesome new machine) - he tried everything in W10 here via remote and couldn’t change it. He was wondering if there might be any user-editable files for Cubase somewhere where you can adjust the text size? When you compare it to Cubase on Mac (and Win7, from what someone else said on this thread), it really is a significant difference.

I’m pretty sure this is Steinberg side not MicroSoft side. I’m still on Win7 C10.0.6, but hasn’t HDPi been an ongoing unresolved issue that Steinberg is working on to fix for Win10 C10.5? I don’t think C10.5 currently truly supports HDPi yet?

On my screen, all the text in these pictures looks fine size wise.

btw, Welcome to the dark side that actually is and always was the light side of the force.

If it responded well to windows scaling I’d be happy :slight_smile: Set mine at 125% and things like the plug in manager wouldn’t show the bottom of the window…