Switched from Studio One or Reaper to Cubase?

I notice that throughout different audio-related forums, many users are praising Studio One or Reaper and saying how they switched from Cubase to one of these programs and how they should have made the move earlier. There seems to be a negative attitude toward the “old boy on the block that is so chocked full of bugs and is built around old code that is not fresh and that has a bad workflow etc etc,” as many will say. Have any of you found this to be true? Did this come just with the release of Cubase 7? So my question for you guys is…who here switched from Studio One or Reaper to Cubase? And this question is only for people who used Studio One or Reaper as their primary daw for a while and then made the switch.


I switched from Pro Fool’s and haven’t looked back. I’ve tried Reaper and Studio 1-2, too. Of course it’s a personal thingy but I appreciate what Cubase has to offer in the long run and found it a more creative workflow for my needs! Just my 2cents…

All I can say is that Studio One is built on completely new code (from programmers of Nuendo). It is so “smooth” and efficient. It has a lot of drag and drop features, and feels like a very modern app (no old code to drag around).

But it is a bit “un-mature” feature wise. Especially in the Midi departement (for Midi, Cubase is king).
It is a “young” DAW, and will within a couple of major versions be at the top for Audio work IMHO. For Midi, I guess Cubase will be the best for a long time.

I am one who is looking forward to Studio One’s next major version, and for Audio work it is already very good.
The integrated Mastering feature (in S1 Pro), is worth the money alone (update your mix straight to the Master project, among other great things).

Reaper is great in its own way, if… If you find a color theme you like. That’s the real key (Oooh, I wish C7/7.5 had different themes).
Next you have to get into the “One Track Type Only” mindset.
The drag and drop routing is excellent. Many and often updates, and has a dynamic bugfixing scheme (ie bugs are fixed much much faster than in Cubase).
I have only used Reaper for mixing though, and still like recording and editing best in Cubase.

That said, I don’t know any who started on Studio One go to Cubase.
But many have gone from Cubase to Studio One (and some back - mostly midi heavy guys) and to Reaper (for different reasons).

For me Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5.5 is the best DAW’s out there (but missing the Track Version and Track Visibility from C7.5). Why C6.5 and not C7.5, you ask? That’s a long story for another time/thread/post :wink:

Yeh I know the complaints surrounding Cubase 7. I used to think pro tools (at least pro tools SE) was bloated and buggy, but now it seems that even though Cubase has more features, it seems to be less well organized and more full of bugs than Pro Tools. So I came to this forum to see if I was wrong about my views on Cubase, or to see if maybe the people on the internet talking about studio one were missing something, but now I see. For me, everytime I start to try to do something in Cubase, it feels disorganized. Small things, like Cubase minimizing my project window when I’m running full screen and I open the crossfade window. Or bugs not getting fixed until really late, like the one that will keep sounding the same midi note when you moved a not up in the key editor. Thank goodness it was fixed on the final 7.0.7 update. Or my computer with precount set, jumping back to the previous bar before counting in and recording, when it used to just count in at the current location. Or the transport vanishing when I open the mixer fullscreen (is this intended) but not coming back when I return to the project window. Or Cubase hanging when I close it, Cubase making me create a new project at the beginning of every session, Cubase forgetting my VST connections, Cubase crackling and popping even when I have plenty of cpu power left on the performance meter and stopping its crackling when I disengage the driver, Cubase not allowing me to see the last preset I used when using Halion Sonic SE, cubase minimizing the project window when I open rewire dialog, the dongle, and Steinberg never giving any free upgrades to its loyal users (no 7.5 free for example). And many many more unnamed problems. And oh of course, Cubase’s unstability. You can’t sleep your computer and then wake it up, for fear of Cubase somehow not being able to talk to the dongle. This happens some of the time. You have to be careful how you act around the relationship between the dongle and Cubase. You can’t bump the dongle or it might just stop Cubase…oh and sometimes it will let you try again to connect to the dongle, but other times you’ll get the windows message: “Cubase 7 has stopped working…”

Anyway, those are the things I will say about Cubase, and I hope Steinberg seeks to fixing these policies. And one last thing. Steinberg just said there will be a discount for users who update to Cubase 7.5, but this only seems to apply to users who do not yet have the full version of Cubase. I don’t know. I just know something needs to change. Thank you for listening to this. Steinberg Please Consider. :slight_smile:

Your post was extremely misleading and not appreciated…next time be kind, be honest and most of all…keep you bloated opinions to yourself!

Please forgive me if I was unkind or overly sarcastic, but I was really trying to give my honest opinion of the software (at least how it runs on my machine-maybe it works without any problems on someone else’s computer - mine is kind of slow). And I might be wrong about the “more full of bugs than pro tools,” because I didn’t use the full pro tools, and I may be forgetting some bugs in pro tools. So I’m sorry if I said anything wrong, because I really tried to be honest about my experience with the software and it might not be everyone’s experience. Like I said, it could be just my computer.

No need to apologize Record. I think the comment that followed your post was a bit turrets. ProFools?? We are adults here. I appreciated your post. I had similar experiences, all of which resolved with the 49 dollar upgrade to 7.5 and the subsequent patch. Smooth as glass now.

I am a home studio hobbyist. Was a reaper user as the price was right. Very cumbersome to work with. Had to let it go after a frustrating year. Tried Studio One, comes with presonus audio device. Midi needs help. No audio warp for audio quantizing. Had Cubase Artist 7.5 since March. Workflow is great! I can automate ANY parameter in any software synth from any vendor. I no longer use a controller to move knobs and sliders virtually. Code? I could’t care less. Neither do many professionals. Attended Cubase workshops in SF, Ca. with professionals present (who were very welcoming of a hobbyist onlooker). Reaper and Studio One are toys to them. Used Pro Tools for a commercial spot. Worked fine, FXpansion sounded great, but it was too expensive.

@ RecordF.H. …sounds like a reasonable sound-off/gripe out of some kind of frustration to me. You are way to kind to feel the need to apologize for that, because someone say’s so (?)… oh paleeze :unamused:

I don’t use Cubase 7, and don’t have any current or future plans to myself. I’m happy using older software, but you’d THINK by now Steinberg would get it right before it’s released …and without needing some kind of update or fix :question:

For the incessant upgraders… not to worry, Steinberg will be releasing Cubase 8 soon enough and once again, promise it’ll fix everything. I saw a ‘pattern’ several years ago :wink:

Not true, S1 can quantize audio and you can free warp just like Cubase.

At the end of the day a real pro will deliver quality products to their customer with any tool… or toy. That’s what distinguishes a professional from a hobbyist.

What would you expect they would say at a Cubase workshop? :wink:

That carrot will die old and wrinkly :laughing:

That carrot will die old and wrinkly :laughing:[/quote]

You’ve got that right my friend, at least partially … It’s called planned obsolescence, or at least that’s the designed, & desired effect, and then it’s perceived as such when a new FRESH carrot is waved in your greedy face, making your old carrot seemingly wilted :smiley:

Thank you everyone for your kind words and help.

I have S1, and using it is a special kind of hell. Oh sure, it’s slick, concise, easy to get around, very well organized. But once you get off the beaten path and start putting it through its paces, it can become hell. Not for everyone - all depends on how lucky you are. I have seen unexplainable freezing, crashing, project corruption and data loss, not to mention (and this one is reproducible and happens all the time) inability to add plugins to a project once so many plugins are already used.

With posts like this, someone always replies saying how they have never experienced these problems. This, of course, does not mean that the problem does not exist. Merely that it is insiduous, not consistently reproducible. Cubase is an old code base, yes, but that means that it has been put through far more meat grinders.

Well said, Cubase 7.53 working great here, no crashes and smooth as silk (on a 3 year old comp)…

Well it’s good to hear that Cubase is stable for some people, because maybe it just means it’s my lil old laptop that’s the problem. Perhaps I’m expecting too much out of a daw - expecting perfection. Anyway, though, if I bought Cubase 7.5 right now but didn’t activate it till within the grace period for cubase 8, would I get Cubase 8 for free?