Switched-On Steinberg: Baroque Now, "The Bach Album" - video

Here’s an all-Steinberg blast from the past – my album of electronic Bach, including Baroque Recorder, made with Cubase VST/32 and exclusively using Steinberg’s Model E for Moog-ish synth parts.

Here’s a video I made of the lead “single” – Bach’s Invention #13 with Recorders in Spaaace…

The complete album can be streamed from Bandcamp:


Amazon MP3

I now have Cubasis for iOS. We’ll see where that gets me…

Hi bigcatrik,

Congratulations on the Electronic Bach album release.

I still have the full set of Wedy Carlos CDs of her famous ‘Switched On Bach’ . Which was a revolutionary project for Synth and Bach lovers. I’m a big fan of Baroque Music, especially Bach.

The music sounds wonderful, great performance with the Baroque Recorder and Synths.

Thanks for sharing,

I listened, and just to be clear, this is you on recorder over the “switched-on” background, right? I really like it, and I really liked Walter/Wendy when he/she did it. Bach seems to last forever. Well done.

Thanks for all the kind words.

just to be clear, this is you on recorder over
the “switched-on” background, right?

Yes, that is me playing a Baroque-pitch alto recorder made by Jean-Luc Boudreau in Canada (I’m holding it in the still photo in the video).

Hi bigcatrik,

I’m also a Bach and synthesizer lover and also got the Wendy Carlos Switched-On box.
This sounds really good, especially the combination of the synth and the recorder.

The Model-E misses the depth of a real Moog though, maybe you could try the Arturia Minimoog V.
It’s not a real Moog either, but it comes pretty close.



Or get one of the recently-announced new Moog Modular reissues!


I wonder how much my tax refund will be this year. Probably not that much… :frowning:


Wow! :sunglasses: