Switches that Bypass a Layer, Change Zone Type & Switch Tabs

Hi Hive,

I’ve managed to have multiple parameters assigned to a knob/menu…etc on the macro page before. However, this time I’m having trouble achieving that with what I want to do with a switch. I have 4 switches that currently change the Zone Type and change the pages on my macro page. I’ve achieved this by assigning the switches to the ZoneType parameter and then having each corresponding page within a disable group that only shows when the specified Zone Type is chosen.

However, I’m wondering if there is a way to have the switches do as they are currently but when you click one of the switches it also bypasses a second layer I have in the program tree and then when you click on a different switch it enables that same layer.

So in short, I have a program with 2 layers in it. Both layers have a zone within them. One layer and zone will remain active always and the other I want to bypass or enable depending on which switch is selected.

Any ideas would be appreciated!