Switching between audio devices yeilds no sound | MacOS

Hey guys,

Recently I disonnected my Macbook Pro from my audio interface and worked with headphones connected directly to the laptop / its speakers.
Now I reconnected the Mac to the audio interface.
I changed the ASIO driver accordingly and chose the correct audio device:

Yet, no sound comes out from the speakers.
Prior the this, I did use this audio connection and everything worked fine.

Any Ideas?

Maybe you should go to MacOs settings and set your audio interface as your primary audio device before messing with Cubase?

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Thanks for the answer, actually what happened is that weirdly all tracks that were routed to Stereo Out lost their routing. Pretty weird, I had to manually add each.
And Idea why this would happen?

2 possible reasons I can think of.

  • You deleted the Main Stereo bus on audio connections
  • You selected all tracks and with quick link enabled you selected no stereo output on one channel and all others followed.
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I bet it’s the first one due to messing around in the audio connections area. Thanks for the tip! I’ll be paying close attention on this in ssimilar scenarios in the future

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