Switching between controller lane presets in the Key Editor

I just wanted to have a macro so i can switch quickly between my several configurations in the KEY Editor (see pic).

Does anyone know how to set it> Or perhaps there is an easier solution,

I am using METAGRID and I love how it speeds up the workflow.

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately you cannot assign these presets to a Key Command.

Sure you can. It’s found in the Key Commands dialog, in the Edit folder. Edit>Controller Lane setup…

The commands here correspond to the list of presets



Oh, wow! I was searching with a wrong string… Thank you!

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And is there a way to switch between those presets with a macro or PLE? I can´t figure it out.
I mean, with a key command jump from preset1 to preset2 to preset3 and back to preset1.

Please, try setting it up and using the key commands.