Switching between different sets of speakers . .

Thank you to everyone for sharing their opinions and experience on this forum.
In the Wavelab 8 Pro user-manual, I see, on page 14, in the final sentence, information that tells a newcomer like me, that it’s possible to set up Wavelab 8 to switch between different sets of speakers.
That is what I want to be able to do with Wavelab 6 (I want to duplicate the master out buss in order to use multiple reference monitor pairs during mastering, from within the Montage) — When I search the Wavelab 6 manual, I’m not finding terminology that refers to multiple speaker/ monitor setups (or anything that sounds close to that) — But again, there it is in the Wavelab 8 user manual, on page 14 . . . “switch between different sets of speakers”
I do see an “ASIO audio connections dialog” in Wavelab 6, and have tried to accomplish this from that dialogue, but being a newcomer I’m unsuccessful, so far, in setting it up in the way I described above.
My audio interface has eight outs so I think it should be possible to have four reference monitor pairs duplicating the master out buss . . . If Wavelab 6 can accommodate it - that’s my first question . . . Can that be done in Wavelab 6?

Why are you using such old versions of WL? WL is now on 11.2. Just curious???

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I got it at such a discount (when it was new) I just figured I’d buy it to have it, even though I only recently started putting it to use to finish up this current project.