Switching between different solo groups in C4

Hey guys,
Not sure if my topic title is self explanatory enough, but I’ll explain what I’m trying to do.
OK, Let’s say I have Vox, Gtrs, BAss and Drums soloed. Now, I just want to solo the snare drum for a while (only snare playing) and then I want to go back to the group of channels I had soloed, before I soloed the snare on its own.
How is this done without having to save different snapshots of the mixer and reload them every time you want a certain combination soloed. As you realise, amount of these combinations can be very large while mixing a bigger track count.
Thanks heaps.
If you want me to clarify anything,please let me know.


Do you mean something like Undo in Solos? I’m afraid, this is not possible.

For better work with Solos, you can use Group tracks, or folders. I know, this is not exactly the solution, which you are looking for, but it can helps a little.

Hi Martin,
Yeah, I have since posting this question, enquired elsewhere as well, and this doesn’t seem to be possible. Groups and folders are OK when you want to solo just drums or just guitars, stuff that you would put into SAME group.
Not to worry…
Thanks anyway for the input :slight_smile:

I usually work from the “mute” concept. I mute what I don’t want to hear and then solo any single track I want to isolate. For instance, (theoretically) mute horns, violins and aux percussion, leaving the drums, bass, guitars and vocals exposed. Then solo just the snare and when I release the solo, the same drums, bass, guitar and vocals resume. If all the horns are in the same “group” channel track, then it makes it pretty simple to just mute that whole group track but if things are kind of spread out, then you may have a lot of muting to do. At least with the mutes, you don’t have the solos jumping around on you.