Switching Between Different Surface Scripts (Presets) for the Same MIDI Controller in Cubase


In my work with Cubase, I find myself wanting to utilize different mappings for my MIDI controller based on the nature of the tasks I’m performing. To streamline this process, I’ve been trying to create multiple surface scripts, or presets, for my controller. However, I’ve run into some

Through the MIDI Remote section, I can create a surface script for my controller. But once I’ve done that, I’ve noticed the controller is no longer available for selection when I try to create another script. It appears Cubase only lets a MIDI controller be assigned to one Remote Device at a time.

I don’t intend to use multiple presets simultaneously. My goal is to be able to switch between these presets as needed, much like you’d switch between presets on a synthesizer or an effects unit.

Is there a workaround or method that would allow me to create and switch between different surface scripts for the same MIDI controller within Cubase?


Why having multiple surfaces instead of mapping pages?


Thank you for your suggestion, mchantzi. That’s an excellent solution. I was not aware that mapping pages were an option within Cubase. I appreciate your assistance and will explore this feature immediately