Switching between Dorico 3.5 and 4 -- which edits could get lost?

Dorico 4 is finally here with lots of useful and exciting new features and I’m as grateful to the team as anyone for making it all happen. The only real minus is that we’ve lost (in most cases temporarily) some features from the old Play window. As several have already pointed out, the most critical is probably the dynamics lane which makes dynamic editing far faster and more intuitive than the manual workaround currently in place.

In view of this, I’m wonder how feasible it is to simply switch between D3.5 and 4 for editing? Unlike most other apps, Dorico will open files created in a newer version in the older one and in my limited experimentation to date, it’s been possible to switch between them without any issues. But there are bound to be edits you make in D4 which will get lost if you save in D3.5 and I’m wondering what in particular one should look out for and should perhaps avoid making in D4 at present until the transition to making the new key editor is complete with previous functionality restored (and of course in time new features added).

Provided you don’t use any features that are completely new in Dorico 4, then round-tripping between Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 is totally feasible.

thanks for that – perhaps you would then be good enough to give an example or two of something which might trip up Dorico 3.5?

If you create something that Dorico 3.5 doesn’t know about, such as a numbered bar region, or use features for capo support in fretted instruments, those will be lost.

ok – as my notation is for the most part fairly conventional that might even mean nothing at all then.