Switching between engraving and writing panel

Hi, I tend to switch between the engraving tab and the writing tab quite often.
and there is quite of bit of animation hiccup, maybe a slight bit of delay whenever I switch tabs.
does anyone know how to make this smoother?
or if this was brought to attention before.
It is not a major issue, it just brings me out of my flow whenever I am working.

No, unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to make this smoother, apart from perhaps having all of the panels closed, which may or may not be useful!

Excuse-me if this feels dense, but when you say tabs, do you really mean tabs (two windows opened, each in a different mode) or do you mean “switching modes”? I find opening two tabbed windows with each one in a different mode is faster than switching modes, I just want to make sure it’s already what you are doing.

just one project file, I have one project that I am working on and I go between engraving and writing mode often, and it many time feel clunky is what i am saying

@chip715 ,

@MarcLarcher makes a distinction between Tabs and Modes. This is what he means.


He is not talking about different projects or different windows.

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I am so sorry, i meant switching modes

Given Marc’s experience, I would suggest creating a second tab to hold the Engrave Mode view and switching between the write view tab and engrave view tab to see if it is faster.


I can confirm it’s faster. I even remember having created a thread to give this tip as a pro tip, especially when condensing is involved in a heavy score!

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Is it possible to rename tabs? If so, I would use the ability.

How do i hold engraving mode

OK… Something has changed here. In 3.5.10, I could have two windows opened with different modes engaged. I tried it here and I see that the mode is switching for both tabbed windows, which destroy the benefit of having those tabbed windows. Sorry I did not check that before I posted. And this is feature request — unless there are very good reasons not to implement this : could you give us that possibility back?
[Edit] I’m really sorry about all the noise I’m making here. I’ve must have messed up my mind with those tab windows. It does work exactly the same in 4.2 than in 3.5.10, the mode is not held in the window. So I guess what I was doing was simply going from one layout with condensing to another without condensing, that would earn me precious time. :pray:

It surely does work with 2 different windows of the same project to keep the different modes.


Marc, could you please explain how you’re setting this up (or link to your original which I searched for and couldn’t find )? I’m still pretty new to Dorico and would like to take advantage of this. Thanks!

As I wrote in my last post, I apologize for I thought I used tabs this way, but I messed up my mind. Klafkid (Sascha) says it works with two windows (instead of tabs) so maybe it was that… I couldn’t find that thread either.

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Since I assigned the shortcuts <w>rite and <e>ngrave to the two modes (thanks to @david-p), those are among my most used shortcuts.

I don’t think this is relevant : cmd-2 and cmd-3 already do that. And the problem the OP has is the recalculation time when switching from one mode to another. This is not related to the use of a shortcut :wink:

Switching write and engrave modes are going to be faster if there is no objects selected. Works for me.