Switching between galley and page views zooming bug


I really like some of the 5.1 features, particularly the more GUI polishing ones (and I hope there is a lot more of attention done in this area in the future, since a lot of the Dorico experience consists of quickly switching and opening tabs, and that’s not always that smooth!).
As much as I loved the addition of the smooth transition between galley and page views, still when I’m back at Page view and zoom in or out, it suddenly takes me somewhere else completely different in the document.


I find your graphic impossible to follow. Can you please provide steps to reproduce whatever issue you’re trying to report here? Provided you have an item selected when you switch between page and galley view, Dorico will do its best to keep that in view. If you find that not to be the case, please provide a report that will allow us to look into the issue.

Sorry for the lack of accuracy of the video. Essentially:

1 - Select a note.
2 - Switch from galley to page view.
3 - In page view, when zooming out with the trackpad or the ‘x’ key, the focus on the selection is lost. (When going back again to galley view we are still in focus of the note however).

I’ve sent over the diagnostic report.

Again, thank you for the brilliant work on Dorico 5.1, it really does address many important issues!

The diagnostic report is unfortunately no use in situations like this. A reproducible case is what’s required.

In general, the steps that you describe do not reproduce the problem, so you need to provide more details. You were working on a particular project when you reproduced this issue. So attach that project here, together with details of what you have selected (rhythmic position, bar, instrument) in which instrument and in which layout, then what happens when you switch to page view and hit X to zoom out.

I see.

For context, this happens particularly in a large orchestral score. The steps:

First click on: page 7, bar 14. Violin I, top staff. Note C6 [96] (Up-stem voice 1).

It works fine switching between Galley and Page Views, but once you press X in Page View, you end somewhere else:
I ended up once at page 9 (bar 25), another time at page 10 (bar 31), and another time at page 13 (bar 48) – seemingly random.

I’ve sent the copyrighted materials over mail.